The Green Toolbelt Turns Two!

With Earth Day quickly approaching, we wanted to take a moment and invite you all to come celebrate The Green Toolbelt’s 2nd Anniversary at the Loomis Earth Day event!

We thank you all for the tremendous support in 2011 and, in honor of the occasion, will be offering 20% off all our products at our Loomis Earth Day Booth [April 21st, 2012] and on the TGTB Online Store April 22nd, 2012.

The T.G.T.B. Team will be bringing Wonder Thunder Produce Bags, To-Go Ware lunch pails, Gear Head “No-Bottle” hair products and maybe, perhaps, some Wood Ties!

Want to see what we did last year? Check out Operation Clean-up.



Music and Meadow

Cluck-a-Doodle Moo!
October 8th brought a day of sunshine and delicious vegan food at Animal Place Sanctuary in Grass Valley.  Music in the Meadows, a fundraiser for the sanctuary, brought together people from all over the Northern California area to meet the farm animals, eat delicious food and listen to talented musicians.

Our Wood Bee Wood Ties crew assembled a booth in conjunction with The Green Toolbelt, and rocked some non-woolly socks!  We brought wooden ties, vegan shampoo and organic cotton vegetable/bulk bags.  As party favors, Kermit’s neighbors, Jim and Jenny, donated bushels of delicious, juicy pears for us to distribute the passers by.

Animal Place Music in the Meadows Photos

Welcome: Wonder Thunder

During my pre-Wonder Thunder days, I used to bring my enormous canvas bags, used, paper lunch sacks and canning jars to avoid using plastic vegetable and bulk bags at the market.  That was a lot of crud to carry along every time I headed out…

Enter Wonder Thunder!  They make phenomenal bulk and vegetable sacks for use at the neighborhood market, in place of plastic bags.  Their products are designed in Seattle by Meagan Claire Hall and Sasha Barr.  Each bulk vegetable sack and tea towel is made with organic, Fair Trade cotton and water-based ink.  Grocer’s love them for their bright, cheerful designs and tare weight printed right on the bag.*

*An added perk: the bags are machine washable, tumble dry.  For bonus sustainability points, hang them out to dry on your clothesline…