The Green Toolbelt Turns Two!

With Earth Day quickly approaching, we wanted to take a moment and invite you all to come celebrate The Green Toolbelt’s 2nd Anniversary at the Loomis Earth Day event!

We thank you all for the tremendous support in 2011 and, in honor of the occasion, will be offering 20% off all our products at our Loomis Earth Day Booth [April 21st, 2012] and on the TGTB Online Store April 22nd, 2012.

The T.G.T.B. Team will be bringing Wonder Thunder Produce Bags, To-Go Ware lunch pails, Gear Head “No-Bottle” hair products and maybe, perhaps, some Wood Ties!

Want to see what we did last year? Check out Operation Clean-up.



The Brothers McCourt: Reclaimed Mantel

“Make it look like Loomis.”

Broad criterion can be a petri dish for creative thought.  Recently The Green Toolbelt was asked to design-build a mantel for a local residence.  It was constructed in collaboration with the artist Kermit McCourt and utilized Doug Fir [age and origins unknown] that was milled over one hundred years ago!*

I can safely say, with marginal bias, that the finished product was breathtaking.  A combination of planing, fine sanding and a linseed oil finish brought out bright rusts and glimmering grain in the 100+ year-old wood.

The brothers McCourt recorded their progress from commencement to finish.  If you have a wrinkle of time, check out the video:

The Green Toolbelt Reclaimed Lumber Mantel Project with Artist Kermit McCourt

*Interesting factoid: This reclaimed lumber was so old that most of the nails had disintegrated within the wood.

Kids Recycle: Auburn, Palm Terrace Health-Safety-Recycling Event

Quincy With Our Booth at Kids Recycle!

Quincy with our TGTB booth at Auburn Terrace Apartments Health-Safety-Recycle Event

Yesterday, The Green Toolbelt was invited to participate at Palm Terrace Apartment’s Health-Safety-Recycle event.  We assisted with passing out reusable drink bottles and plying some very eager youngsters with “Recycling Trivia” in trade for Cuties (clementine mandarins).  We brought a table full of recyclable goods, including our compost pail, and educated the residents about composting, e-waste, recycling and donating their clothing, rather than throwing it out.  We also educated the children that the trash they put in their wastebasket is on the way to a landfill [a term foreign to many of them].*

Now it’s your turn for some trivia:

1. Name something that you send to the landfill everyday that you can recycle.

2. Name three things besides glass, aluminum, plastic and paper products that are recyclable.

Bowl of Cuties for Trivia Favors

We handed out Cuties to the kiddos as a treat for answering Recycling Trivia

All in all, it was a beautiful day filled with fun and we’d like to issue an enormous THANK YOU to Alma, the event coordinator, for extending an invitation to us.

*Currently, in West Placer County, our landfill is edging towards capacity and the WPWMA [West Placer Waste Management Authority] is looking to expand and fill another 28 acres of land, valued at $8 million, for our “garbage”.