Thank You Loomis!

Thank you Loomis for a beautiful Earth Day!  The Green Toolbelt Crew celebrated two years of business in this lovely town on April 21st, 2012.  Thanks to all that stopped by to say hello, and to all the curious folk that sniffed our Gear Head hair care and played with our Ditto compressed, cardboard hangers.

Special thanks to Pat Miller for organizing the event and to the Loomis News for including The Green Toolbelt in their articles and photographs.  View The Loomis News full Slideshow

"Jessie McCourt, right, convinces Corrine Leung that the bar of soap is actually shampoo made of natural products."

The Green Toolbelt Turns Two!

With Earth Day quickly approaching, we wanted to take a moment and invite you all to come celebrate The Green Toolbelt’s 2nd Anniversary at the Loomis Earth Day event!

We thank you all for the tremendous support in 2011 and, in honor of the occasion, will be offering 20% off all our products at our Loomis Earth Day Booth [April 21st, 2012] and on the TGTB Online Store April 22nd, 2012.

The T.G.T.B. Team will be bringing Wonder Thunder Produce Bags, To-Go Ware lunch pails, Gear Head “No-Bottle” hair products and maybe, perhaps, some Wood Ties!

Want to see what we did last year? Check out Operation Clean-up.



Green Peeps: “The Lorax”


Welcome to The Green Toolbelt’s Green Peeps”, a commentary on characters real and fictional that are increasing awareness, promoting sustainability and making an impact on our planet.  Our first highlighted “peep” is a curry-colored, grandfatherly creature who “speaks for the trees, as the trees have no tongues.” You guessed it, The Lorax.  Dr. Seuss published this story in 1971, two centuries after the Industrial Revolution and amidst the Vietnam War.  I would imagine that “the view from where he sat was rather gray.”

Many have interpreted this hopeful story as a type of anti-capitalist, boo-hoo, humbug, finger-pointing cautionary tale.  I think that Seuss was trying to make conservation accessible to children. After all, it’s their planet  too, and what’s more relatable to a child than a fuzzy, wise, whiskered Lorax that talks to humming fish and singing fowl?

Having had the opportunity to read The Lorax for the first time in college, I saw the ending as a call to unite globally, take action and make a necessary effort while we can still be proactive, rather than reactive because…

“Unless someone like you cares an awful lot, nothing is going to get better.  It’s not.”

The Lorax in 3D is scheduled to release this March, just in time for Earth Month.  Field trip time!