Thank You Loomis!

Thank you Loomis for a beautiful Earth Day!  The Green Toolbelt Crew celebrated two years of business in this lovely town on April 21st, 2012.  Thanks to all that stopped by to say hello, and to all the curious folk that sniffed our Gear Head hair care and played with our Ditto compressed, cardboard hangers.

Special thanks to Pat Miller for organizing the event and to the Loomis News for including The Green Toolbelt in their articles and photographs.  View The Loomis News full Slideshow

"Jessie McCourt, right, convinces Corrine Leung that the bar of soap is actually shampoo made of natural products."

Blast From the Last: August 2011

Judo Chop!

The Green Toolbelt was part of a Kids Recycle event at the Auburn Terrace Apartments.






Coasters made by the Green Toolbelt with scraps from the artist Kermit McCourt's studio.


Green Peeps: The Lorax






Welcome: Wonder Thunder


The Green Toolbelt and Kermit McCourt Hard at work.